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We want to be able to love and not hide!

18 March 2013

Last week the English writer and actor Stephen Fry came to Saint Petersburg to make a BBC film about problems faced by LGBT communities around the world. He interviewed the MP Milonov and tweeted that ‘Milonov doesn’t seem to believe there are teenagers bullied and tormented for being gay’.

Really, so very often we hear, in everyday life and from government platforms: ‘Why do gays puff their orientation out? Do they have to babble on about what get up to in bed, so openly? They should tone it down a bit!’

‘Honestly, why do you have to tell anyone about your orientation, especially if it is non-traditional? It is so personal…It would be fine if it was just about the adults, but why do naïve young teenagers do it?’ Continue reading We want to be able to love and not hide!