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Children are playing Gestapo in the Runet

Having formed groups based on their sexuality in social networks, teenagers declared a war on each other in reality.

 We want to tell you a story.

A story about our children.

The children we don’t really know.

They put it this way themselves: ‘We are invisible. We are not seen. We are not known, but we exist’.

Recently they have declared themselves to the world.

They invented a name for themselves – ‘Children-404’. The name was chosen by the analogy with the internet error 404. “It’s this thing which happens when you surf the web, and the search engine spits it out – the page is not found.”

 Thus the country has found out about teenagers with non-traditional orientation.

Straight away a glove was thrown down at them.

by other kids, who called themselves ‘Children-1488’.

The story behind the struggle of two teenage gangs and who they, these children with a number, are – in the material by the newspaper MK. Continue reading Children are playing Gestapo in the Runet