This project is run by Nailya Shamgunova <>. Please do not hesitate to email your words of support, with or without photos, to the kids – all of them will be translated to Russian and transferred to the main portal of the project, the Russian Vkontakte page. You are also welcome to leave comments at the bottom of each post.

If you have any problems with or suggestions for the website, you can contact the webmaster, Jonny Tsang <>.


6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I had never heard of the 404 children until yesterday, when in Oslo, Norway we (the LGBT society in Oslo) had a marking and a gathering in front of our parliament. It’s a sad affair when the bravest of a country must be its children. But it’s also so wonderful to know that these children are this brave, this willing to challenge the world to see them. I just want you to know that your blog is seen, “your” children are seen and the world is watching and trying to help with the effort in making the 404 children be known and thought about. I am just some lesbian girl in Norway, but I see you, I think of you, all of the 404 children. Keep the brave work up, although I cannot imagine how hard it must be, know that I think so highly of you, the 404 children who refuse to go unseen, as well as every man, woman, trans* and child who are working for the LGBTQ cause in Russia. You are admired and respected, maybe not among your own politicians, but among your fellow LGBTQ members elsewhere in the world.

    I guess if I could say one thing to the 404 children, every single child who is hurting, it would be that don’t you let the bastards win! You are probably in the most important war that you’ll ever be in. You might feel alone, but the world is watching! We try to help, and we will continue to do so. But you need to not give up, never give up. This war can be won, and once it is every 404 child will be the heroes of it. You are already heroes who have justice and equality on your side. You are already admired and seen by so many, and more will open their eyes for the courage you are showing. Wars should be fought by adults, yet better still, not fought at all. But this is one war we have to fight, and you are right in the battle field. Don’t for a moment give up on winning this, because you can and will. You are not alone, you are not unseen. Your government calls you propaganda, but we call you heroes! Call yourself heroes, call your fellow 404 children heroes and don’t let go of that thought. Every bit of pain will be worth it once you win this war. And we stand with you as much as we possibly can.

    Don’t give up. Don’t ever give up on your right to live as a free human worthy of love and respect. You are all so valuable! So important to your country, even if that country cannot see it right now. Times can and will change, as long as there are people brave enough to change it. As long as there are individuals who don’t lie down, but stand up. And just by being visible, just by asking the world to see you, you are standing up. It might seem small sometimes, when the opposition is so great, but your courage is greater. You face this opposition, and you still tell it to see you. The 404 children are Russia’s greatest treasure, and what will change it to the better. You are the future of your country, a better brighter future. A wave of change that can and will come. Never lose hope and know that we don’t only see you, we admire you, we respect you and we value you for your contribution to the world. Just by breathing, just be continuing to exist, just holding a poster, that we value you for, and you should value yourself for it as well!

    Please, 404 children, never give up! Be brave and don’t let the world forget. We see you! We believe in you! And we will not forget!

    I really wish I could have written this in your language. Would it be too much to ask someone to translate this, if it ever gets posted anywhere?

  2. ouvi fala desse projeto hoje e senti-me triste por esse adolescente não pode ser eles mesmo, eu sou brasileira e sou lésbica e eu não posso fazer muito, a unica coisa que posso fazer é apoiar… aqui esta todo o meu apoia e meu respeito e meu sentimentos a todos vocês

  3. Hello to all of you,

    Tonight i just want to say how proud i am of all of you, you are the strongest people in the world, because no matter all the oppression you are getting from your government, all o f you keep onfighting for your rights, and i hope you keep doing it. Remember, “No justice for the people, there is no peace for the government”, and your government must be YOUR VOICE, not the voice of an archaic religion.

    So, from Colombia, i offer you all my support, thanks to persons like you will be a better future for people like us. 🙂

  4. Dear Nailya, I write for a Brazilian gender and sexuality website called Pau Pra Qualquer Obra and would very much like to interview via e-mail either you or Elena about this wonderful and corageous initiative. It would be an honor to help disseminate your work and get the Brazilian LGBT and allies community’s solidarity though your own words. Please let me know if there is any interest. Congratulations on your work!

  5. Please don’t give up. My heart breaks for you. I’ve never understood why homosexuality is “evil” since it doesn’t hurt anyone at all. It isn’t murder or theft or anything directed at harming other people. It just means sometimes people love each other. That’s all. And who can hate that? People who are driven out of their minds with fear and paranoia… And then they force their feelings on you. It hurts me so much. I wish I could truly help you but all I can say is please please please please don’t hurt yourself or end your life for them. They don’t deserve to have their way – a way of hate and fear leads only to more hate and fear. Willful ignorance is hard to overcome. But please don’t give up. They’re not right in the head and somehow people will realize that. The people who are capable of listening will listen and then maybe they will change. Please don’t give up.

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