Love knows no gender and age


When I was a little girl and saw negative attitudes towards same-sex love, I used to ask my mum, “Why? Aren’t they the same as us?” The answer to that was, “You’ll understand it when you grow up.”

I grew up and haven’t understood it yet. How can you condemn love? If two people are happy together, is it really your business?

I think many members of LGBT circles know who slashers are. So, I was into slash fic since I was 11, but I never actually thought I was gay. Then, about six months ago, I caught myself looking at this girl and thinking about her as much more than just a friend.

Of course, I was scared at first – who wouldn’t be? I told a close friend of mine, who is not that tolerant towards the gay community, and she said that she would stick with me no matter what. I felt so happy at that. Then I came out to my other friends. Many smiled and said that they had suspected as much for a while; nobody turned away from me. And I am madly grateful for that. I hadn’t become any worse by fancying girls as well as boys, had I?

When will people realize that it is normal? Probably, in the world capital of homophobia – Russia – that will never happen. So what can be said of Children-404? We are not even noticed, let alone treated civilly! And if we are noticed, we end up being shouted at, sworn at, called garbage. They don’t understand just how much we need their support.

About a month ago in my town two girls have committed suicide. The press covered it up: it was reported that they belonged to some sect. Are we a sect now? These girls were lesbians and had never hidden it, and that led to hatred from the society around them.

I am not so much afraid of being left without support but of ending up in danger. This attitude of neglect is very frightening.

Think again. We are the same as you. And however much you prohibit us, we will continue to love.

 Katya, 15

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