If I do not support you, who will? I am your mother and I don’t care who you are happy with.

If I do not support you, who will? I am your mother and I don’t care who you are happy with.

Dear Children-404!

I am 50 and I could be your mother.

I have three daughters, and though I have always only loved men, I have never hidden the fact that somebody may fall in love with someone of their own gender from my children. It is not bad, it is not funny, it is not sad, I used to tell them, it just is, that’s it. I replied like that to questions they asked of me. I never denied that a couple of our male friends are exactly that – a couple, rather than just good friends, as everyone around us thought.

“What of it?” I used to say. “To love someone of your own gender is better than not to love anyone at all.”

“It is easy for you to think so!” My friends would say. “What if you own daughter or son…?”

I believed that I wouldn’t care who made my child happy, though everyone thought that those were just empty words. So I recently found out that my eldest daughter had separated from her husband and now has a girlfriend. A soulmate, to be more precise.

I am happy for both of them. I don’t know where life leads my other daughters, but no matter what I would support their choice. The main thing is that the person they love is a decent human being who makes them happy.

I am very sorry to know that so few people of my generation share my views. We, adults, are to blame for the atmosphere of intolerance that prevails in our society. We are to blame for your suffering. You are not to blame for being the way you are.

 Y. T., 50


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